Although Macro Automation is based in Auckland, New Zealand, we service or have serviced customers in New Zealand, Australia, North and South America, China, India, Philippines, Korea, Japan, South Africa and other countries throughout Oceania.

Over Macro Automation’s extensive 20+ year history we have been involved a large variety of projects for many satisfied customers within the food and beverage industry. These projects have varied in size from small (hundreds of IO) to Large (10,000 + IO).  They include the following;

  • Milk Treatment (Commodity & Fresh)
  • Milk Powder (Evaporation and Drying)
  • Infant Formula Powder
  • Butter (Ammix & Fritz)
  • AMF & Speciality Milk fats
  • UHT & Pasteurisation
  • Whey Processing (Salt & Sweet)
  • Membrane Processing (MF, UF, RO, nF)
  • Ion Exchange
  • Cheese (Brine salt, Dry salt & Specialty)
  • Casein
  • Alcohol
  • Beverage (Milk, Juice & Soft drinks)
  • Services (Chillers, Chilled water, Cooling towers, water and waste water treatment, DAF, Boilers, steam & condensate reticulation, HVAC, Irrigation etc)